mkndrws, be jealous ;)


mkndrws, be jealous ;)

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Frank Turner – Anymore (20 plays)

i don’t love you anymore.

September, I already miss you X

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greek turkey burger -



to anyone

& you were right.

city & colour.


Frank Turner – I Am Disappeared (80 plays)

i keep having dreams…

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…but you stood apart in my calloused heart, & you taught me & here’s what i learned:
that love is about all the changes you make & not just three small words…


this is actually somewhat terrifying.

this is actually somewhat terrifying.

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Gustavo Santaolalla – The Last of Us (2,563 plays)


Zhang Xiangxi

“A series of hollowed-out television sets frame beguiling scenes imagined in Xiangxi’s works, begun while studying sculpture at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art.

Situated in a small creative community in Hei Qiao Cun on the northeastern edge of the city, his studio is littered with second-hand appliances like washing machines, which become the sites of miniature worlds inspired by locations such as his old workspace in Guangzhou, the workers’ dormitory he once lived in, his parent’s sitting room, the interior of a train carriage—even his dream home. They are replicas rendered faithfully, but playfully, often using the cement, brick, glass, stone or paper materials found in their life-sized equivalents.”

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